Management Team

Mamma Rosa
"The Boss"
Mamma Rosa Mamma Rosa is not only the matriarch of the Famous Famiglia company, but is also our loving mother. Having come to America as a widow with five young children, she proved that the human spirit truly can accomplish great things. And from our early childhood through today, Mamma continues to instill in us valuable lessons of life. A simple woman really, but a woman with passion, love, and respect... a visionary.

Paul Kolaj
President and CEO
Paul Kolaj Paul Kolaj is Co-Founder, President and CEO at Famous Famiglia. In this role, he is responsible for the overall direction of the company. In August 1986, Paul and his brothers founded the Famous Famiglia pizzeria concept in the heart on New York City.

As a strategic business thinker, Paul ensures that the company maintains its focus while delivering results toward its mission. With more than thirty years experience in the field of pizzeria operations, his business acumen with real-world knowledge earns Paul respect in the industry circles.

John Kolaj
Executive Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer
John Kolaj
John Kolaj is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Famous Famiglia. With more than thirty years of hands-on experience in the foodservice industry, John directs all aspects of the company’s field operating activities. His responsibilities include: managing the design, construction, and maintenance of all company and franchisee-owned operating units; designing the global infrastructure to support and maintain all procurement logistics and product distribution activities; and enabling and empowering his team of professionals to seamlessly manage training and support activities.

From supply-chain and logistics, design and construction, to steady-state operations, John draws from his decades of experience in the pizza industry to help deliver solutions with impressive results. His strategic forethought and precise execution help deliver significant economies and efficiencies in the expansion and support of the Famous Famiglia operating system.

Giorgio Kolaj
Executive Vice President
Global Business Development
Giorgio Kolaj Giorgio Kolaj is Co-founder and Executive Vice President at Famous Famiglia and is responsible for leading the company's expansion efforts both domestically and overseas, and is responsible for all marketing and communications activities. His role in global business development involves site selection, contract negotiations, strategic relationship management, and brand development. Under Giorgio's leadership, the Famous Famiglia brand has expanded nationwide and across the globe.

Prior to re-joining the family business in 2004, Giorgio enjoyed a successful career in the high-tech industry, where he worked at IBM Global Services and later helped launch a successful security software company. Giorgio holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Business, with Latin Honors.

Giorgio serves on the boards of: D.A.R.E. America; Boy Scouts - Queens Council; President's Advisory Council - Vaughn College; and In Arms Reach.

Tony Kolaj
Director of Quality Control
Tony Kolaj Tony Kolaj is the Co-founder and Director of Quality Control at Famous Famiglia. With more than thirty years invested in the pizza business, his expertise in the industry is unrivaled.

Very much a detail-oriented person, Tony's attention to ensuring high quality operation is his relentless pursuit. His skills are routinely tapped during training of company and franchisee employees. For his more than twenty-five years pizza making expertise, Tony has earned the coveted Maestro di Pizza title.